Wednesday, November 10, 2004

No good deed goes unpunished

On Monday, Young Secretary asked me, in a Bossmanesque way ('What's your Saturday looking like'?), if I could work on Saturday due to the fact that Pompous Ponce and New Girl have quite a few extra hours this week. I decided that I would to help out. I'm a reasonable guy and know that one must give a bit every now and then. I made sure to tell her not to put me into the normal Saturday rotation after she told me that I should have to teach it every third Saturday, but that I would sub occasionally (in the 2 1/2 years I've been at my school, I've taught Saturdays for 1 1/2 of them).

Yesterday, Bossman told me that I needed to teach four hours of Business Teacher's classes Wednesday (today) for various reasons. Guess who now has more hours than PP and NG and still has to teach the Saturday class?

I'll make sure that I happen to be "busy" the next time I'm asked to sub for the Saturday class just to make my point.