Thursday, November 18, 2004

It's been an interesting day

Yesterday, Bossman told me that he needed me to teach a new class at company T. I currently teach four company T students at our school, but he told me that this would be a single student class at the company, about 6km away. It sounded like a short term thing, so I agreed (I assume the new teacher will take it over in January). Since I didn't know where company T was, the plan was for BM to meet me just off of the motorway exit so that I could follow him there (he teaches a class at company T 7h30 - 9, and mine was due to start at 9h30). After reconfirming everything, I left the school at 19h30.

When I got up this morning, I received an SMS that BM had sent at 23h last night asking if I had the other car (I've set up a 'Privacy' profile on my mobile so that I am not alerted when calls/messages from work come in when I don't want them to). I SMSed him back letting him know that I didn't (I'm sure he loved receiving my SMS at 5h). I didn't hear back from him, so I assumed that he had sorted everything out.

I arrived at school at 7h today and BM was already there, I poked my head into his office and asked him if he had found the second car. He said that he hadn't, but assumed that Tall Colleague had it. Being the efficient office staff they are, they hadn't realised that TC had also needed one this morning. The plan then changed. BM would leave his class at 9h, return to the school, pick me up and then take me to company T. He'd then pick me up at 11h.

Of course, 11h came and BM was nowhere to be seen. 10 minutes later, he pulled up. As we were driving back, he told me that he had almost forgotten to pick me up, to which I replied that knowing his memory, I had expected that. He told me that when he got back to office after dropping me off, he had told Young Secretary to yell at him to pick me up if he was still there at 11h. She shoved him out of the office at 10h55.

We had an interesting conversation on the way back.

BM: What do you think of Pompous Ponce?
MrT: He thinks he's a good teacher
BM: All teachers think they're good teachers
MrT: Yes, however they don't tell the entire world how wonderful they are every day.

BM smiled, because PP has done it to him too. I then decided to push it a bit.

MrT: He's pompous and arrogant.

BM gave me the 'You're right' smile again.

BM: Yes, but he's a good teacher.
MrT: Perhaps. I haven't heard students say anything positive or negative about him.
BM: I think so.
MrT: Okay.

When we got back to the school, we walked into the office and I said to YS: 'Cheers for sending the chauffeur for me' and both she and BM laughed.

We were also a car short in the afternoon, because TC had to teach at a different business 80km away, Part Time Colleague had to teach at one 20 km away and I had to teach at company K, 2km away. That usually happens on Thursdays, so I frequently travel to company K by bike.

It rained all afternoon, so I put on my fleece jumper, hat and gloves and went there on my bike in the rain. That's generally not a problem for me, however my lesson plan included a long listening exercise and I had to take one of our portable CD players. They're a bit less portable when one is travelling by bike.

A car pulled out in front of me, I braked, which didn't do much good on the rain soaked street, and hit the kerb. By releasing the CD player, I was able to keep myself from falling. Of course, that mean that the CD player crashed onto the ground and the handle broke off. At that point, I didn't care. I was just about to company K, so I stuck the CD player under my jumper and finished my journey.

At the end of the class, I asked the student in charge, Power Woman, if I could leave it there because I didn't feel like lugging a broken CD player home and I also had to stop at the supermarket on the way home. She asked if we needed it at the school, and I told her that we could make do without it for a week. So, I cycled to the supermarket and then home and sloshed up the stairs.

It's good to be home.

I have a bit of office gossip to post and will hopfully get around to it soon.