Friday, November 19, 2004

Gem of the day

I arrived at school at 8h20 today, put my coat on the rack and then entered the office. Immediately, Old Secretary engaged me in coversation about class T, my Tues/Fri 7h30 - 9h class. Here's how it went:

OS: Are you finished?
*confused look on my face*
OS: Are you finished?
MrT: Finished?
OS: Are you finished?
MrT: With what?
OS: Class T. If so, we need room 17.
MrT: We moved it to Thursday this week for scheduling reasons, just like it says on the office's schedule and my timetable.
OS: Oh.

Let us not forget that OS is the secretary in charge of scheduling, and that she was looking at my timetable when she asked me.