Monday, November 29, 2004

Another example of why nothing ever gets accomplished here

Email correspondence with Bossman (he was at our other school).

Thursday evening:

Hi Bossman,

I hope to be able to change my Friday K class to Wednesdays next year, but that would involve you finding someone else to teach my T-class on Wednesdays at the same time (15h - 16:30). The T class only has about 4 lessons left and most likely won't be renewing due to the fact that their company may be restructuring them out of jobs. Would that be okay with you?

Please respond asap, as I want to talk to my Friday K class about it tomorrow (26 Nov.).


Friday Morning:

Hi MrTeacher,

Once T class is finished then this is no problem.


Friday Morning - same as the first email, just different words:

Hi Bossmam,

I've just checked the card. T class only has 4 lessons left, but with as busy as they are and as often as they cancel, lord knows when they'll be finished. Would it be possible for them to be switched to the new teacher in January so that I can change my Friday K class to Wednesdays when we start in January? That'd be much better than holding Wednesday afternoons open for T class, with as much as they cancel.


Monday Midday:

No response yet, and I don't expect to receive one.