Thursday, October 14, 2004


New Girl, Young Secretary and I went out for a few drinks yesterday evening after work. YS invited Bossman, but luckily he had too much work to do. Don't get me wrong, I like BM, but things were said that wouldn't have been said had he been there.

Here's the gossip:

- Neither YS nor NG like Pompous Ponce. They're tired of hearing about how wonderful he thinks he is (he tells us every day) and, frankly, so am I. He constantly babbles on about how good of a teacher he is, of course after prefacing it with something like, 'I don't want to blow my own horn, but...'. We're all hoping he actually follows through on his weekly threat to go back to England.

- BM had a chat with NG yesterday about one of her classes. It seems that he 'had been told' that her lessons with group P were too easy. YS and I have been around long enough to think that BM was full of crap on the 'had been told' thing...more on that in a future post.

- NG's September pay appears to have been shorted by a few hundred Euros. After a bit of probing, though, it appears that a portion of her pay that comes out of a different account than the rest (yes, it's legal) hasn't made it's way into her account. We explained how it works to her, and she's going to talk to BM soon about it. It could be something as simple as a wrong account number (the bank entered the wrong account number when it set up my electronic funds transfer when I first moved here).

- According to YS, BM and BW both like and respect me. I believe her because she's their right-hand-man, so to speak. That was good to hear.

- YS has broken up with her twonk of a boyfriend who treated her like crap. I actually found this out a week and a half ago when NG, YS's flatmate, told me. However, she had sworn me to secrecy, so I had to act surprised.

Update 18:02 - forgot one.

- Neither YS nor NR like Correspondence Teacher. My opinion? CT and I have a playful love/hate relationship. She's okay.