Friday, October 01, 2004

Operation annoy the office has begun

My latest project is to annoy the office. I'm fed up with the stupid things they do, so I'm fighting back. For example, I have two classes on Fridays, the first of which is at 7h30. It's an hour and a half class, and my second one doesn't start til 15h. They've scheduled me with a six-hour break in the middle (!), effectively ruining my Friday. I have to get up early, but can't really do anything (like head out of town early) until after 16h30. Something else that brought this on was not being told til Monday about Fun Colleague's holiday and that I'd have to teach some of her classes.

So, I stayed in the office and used the internet for an hour after the class, talking to Old Secretary (she was the only one there). I didn't talk about anything in particular, just a lot of nonsense..the weather, the upcoming weekend, telling stupid jokes, etc. I even took a photo of her with my new mobile phone!

When Young Secretary came in, OS told her how busy she had been, and added 'and HE has been sitting here bothering me.'

I'd say it's off to a good start.