Thursday, September 30, 2004

The lost class

Yesterday was Bosswoman's first day back after her three week-holiday. She and I both teach on the second floor on Wednesday evenings, and we usually walk up the stairs together and chat along the way, as we did last night. Her classroom is two doors past mine, so I said goodbye to her and went in. The heater had been turned up full blast, so I turned it down, opened the window and left the door open to cool the room down a bit. Five minutes later, I saw BW go past my classroom and heard her go down the stairs. Nothing too unusual. Sometimes teachers forget things.

A few minutes later, I saw her walk past the classroom on her way back to her classroom, curiously with no additional materials. About a minute later I saw her head back towards the stairs and said, 'Are you lost'? She poked her head in the classroom and said, 'While I was on holiday, the substitute moved my class to a different room. I went to that classroom to see if my students were there, and they weren't, so I came back to see if they were here, and they aren't. So, I'm going to search for them.'

Ten minutes after that, I saw students walking by my classroom followed by BW, who was smiling and pointing at them as if to say, 'I've found them!'

I'm glad things like this don't only happen to me.