Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A conversation with Bossman yesterday:

BM: You're going to have to start working on Saturdays again.
MrT: Why?
BM: New Girl and Pompous Ponce already are, so I need you now.
MrT: I don't want to.
BM: You have to.
MrT: I really don't want to.
BM: You're doing it.
MrT: Okay, starting when?
BM: This Saturday.
MrT: Right. When do you want the list of weekends I've already booked tickets out of town?
BM: What?
MrT: You don't actually think I've been sitting waiting for you to make me work on Saturdays again, do you?
BM: I guess not. Email the list to me.
MrT: Okay, but perhaps I should tell you now that the first weekend is this weekend?
BM: Oh. .