Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Advice required

A July 2004 graduate of the school I currently work for, and former student of mine, was hired for the summer (July & August) as a temporary full time teacher of the language of the country-that-won't-be-named. She did a brilliant job and now substitutes when her schedule permits it. She'll be substituting this Friday for the teacher who that teaches the language class I currently take (to improve my skills in the language of this country), which is why I'm making this post. I'm considering skipping class that day (I started the course after she left, so she doesn't know I'm in it).


We get on very well, but I feel that it might be a bit awkward for her. Not only was I her teacher for two years, but I was also her mentor when she worked here. Yes, we taught different languages, but I mainly helped her with classroom management advice, strategies and things of that nature. I feel that she might think that I'd be there to evaluate her and would be spying for Bossman (I wouldn't).

What do you think? Should I go to class that day or skip it?