Friday, August 06, 2004


There hasn't been much to blog about this week. Bossman is in Cape Town, Bosswoman is visiting family in another part of the country-that-won't-be-named, Young Secretary is in the Canary Islands, Part Time Colleague is in London and Tall Colleague is at the beach in the Netherlands. That leaves only Fun Colleague and me. Luckily, not many people want to take summer courses in August.


I managed to get out of an intensive course this week (FC is teaching it), and have been able to catch up on my sleep (I taught an intensive course the previous two weeks). One interesting thing that's happened this week has been working with a student on her translation skills. Fascinating. It not only shows you how important it is to know grammar, but also how important it is to know different ways of saying different (and the same) things in different languages.


Learning a language is a lot more than just learning grammar.