Sunday, August 29, 2004

An observation from my hols

Parking Tickets

Greece - The driver of a car parks in a no parking zone, leaves the car there, goes to a nearby cafe and sits down with friends. Five minutes later, the traffic warden that saw him do it walks over to the car. He whistles and waves his arms for the driver of the car to move it, waits a few minutes, but no one comes so he gets out his pad and opens it to start writing a ticket. The driver sees he's about to get a ticket, yells "Hey" and runs over to the car. The traffic warden talks to him, points out the "No parking" sign, the owner gets in car and moves it.

Country-that-won't-be-named - The driver of a car parks in no parking zone, leaves the car and runs into the post office for a few seconds. A traffic warden comes along and starts writing a parking ticket. The driver runs back to the car, traffic warden yells at him for parking in a no parking zone, gives him the ticket and moves on.