Monday, August 09, 2004

Double post: 1. Are you sure? 2. Exam results

Some of the Cambridge exam results were sent out (from England) on 23 July, and some were sent out on 6 August. Every day of the last two weeks, I asked Old Secretary and Secretary from Hell if the ones dispatched on 23 July had been received (we usually get them the following Monday), and both assured me that they hadn't been. I asked both of them to alert me when they were.
When I got to work today, I saw Bossman keying in the results of the ones mailed on 6 August, and asked if the others had also arrived. Young Secretary told me that they had come in sometime while she and Bossman were on holiday (not together) and were sitting in the pile of mail. OS and SfH are the two that had received the mail while she was gone, so I asked OS why she hadn't told me about them. She just shrugged her shoulders.
Results, ALL of my students passed again, and some of Bossman's didn't. Same as last year - and he hates it when my students do better than his (because it's a common occurrence).
O passed the FCE exam with a C grade. I've just emailed him to let him know.