Thursday, August 26, 2004

Back from holiday

I've just returned from great holiday. Cheers to Quickos for filling in while I was gone.

Here's a (very) brief summary:

- Started out in Brussels with a visit to MBiaT HQ and a tour of the city by Quickos, sproglet, zed and the twat, followed by the arrival of our friend Ansh and hours upon hours of great conversation about everything and nothing. The twat graciously cooked a gourmet dinner for us also. Sproglet is an adorable boy and the twins are as beautiful as their mom. Unfortunately, it was too cold to use the OSSP.

- Flew to Athens for 3 days of Olympics.

- Took a ferry to Herakleion (Crete) for a couple days.

- Took a ferry to Santorini for 5 days.

- Flew back to Athens for two more days of Olympics.

- Returned home to the same weather I had left (15C and rain)

I took heaps of photos and will upload them to the 'net soon.

A few notes:

- Whomever decided to build a Metro in Athens and not include air conditioning ought to be shot.

- The Greece Shade Removal Project has successfully been completed.

- It is possible to hop on the Athens Metro at one station, proceed to the next station and end up at the station you started at. I have no idea how, but it happened to me.

- The Greece Air Conditioning Elimination Program is progressing at a rapid pace.

- Having to yell your destination into the window of a taxi so the driver can decide if he happens to be going that way, and actually wants to pick you up or not, is idiocy when you're a paying customer.

- Greeks are good at making signs to get you to an event, but lousy at making signs once you enter it to help you find your seat.

- 35C and sunny totally agrees with me.

- 'Blimps' are now called 'airships'.

- Having to remember to take your sunnies is much better than having to remember to take your umbrella.

- Walking on cobblestone streets is neither easy nor fun with a sprained ankle.

Finally, good news. When I turned on my mobile phone on the train home from the airport, Young Secretary had sent me an SMS letting me know that my (in-company) Thursday afternoon class had cancelled. This means that my first class isn't til 15h30 on Friday (day classes don't resume until Monday).