Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Update on IC

Incompentent Colleague has been gone for almost a month now, but he has been heard from. Here's the latesst:

From Ditzy Teacher, who was not so secretly in love with him:

1. He owed the petty cash € 50 when he left and told her that he didn't repay it because Bossman shorted his pay € 50 at the end of June. Young Secretary has verified that that was a lie.

2. He owes a student € 50 also!

3. He's working at a Summer school in England

4. In May, he asked BM to write him a recommendation so that he could get work at other schools in our town (due to BM's cutting his hours when he went freelance). IC then went to Spain for a long weekend, but really had 3 job interviews, only one of which he went to - he later told DT that he couldn't be arsed to go to the others. He got the job and starts in Spain in October.

From Bossman

IC has sent him three emails apologising for leaving like that and the messes he left, and has asked BM to rehire him to start on 1 August (he said that the last email IC sent sounded quite desperate, so perhaps the Spain thing has fallen through). I asked BM if we should expect IC back and he assured me that we shouldn't.