Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Dropping like flies

Saturday Colleague is now gone.

I walked into Bossman's office yesterday to discuss a few things with him, and he said, 'What are you doing the next few Saturdays?' to which I replied, 'NO!' He said, 'No?' and I replied, 'What you're really asking me is if I can work the next few Saturdays, and I can't. I have other things going on.' He laughed, because I had read him like a book.

He had just got off the phone with Saturday Colleague. She called BM and insisted on a 25 hour a week contract (she's currently freelance), or she'd quit. He said that he'd gladly give her one, then she dropped the bomb on him. She could only work Mon - Fri 8h - 12h.

Do the math. That's 20 hours.

BM then said he could give her a 12 or 18 hour a week contract, but she refused. She gave him one last chance to accept her original offer, he declined - rightfully so, and she quit. Bossman may sometimes be a bit confused and disorganised at times, but he's not dumb.

Luckily, the Saturday class is scheduled to end the last day of July.