Thursday, July 15, 2004


Nice French Teacher is leaving our school at the end of July. Why? It depends on whose story you listen to.

First of all, the fact: Her husband has been transferred. He's been working there for a month now, and they've decided that it's too far for him to commute home every weekend, plus she misses him during the week.

Secondly, NFT has never liked Bossman and Bosswoman. I'm not too sure of the history of all that, but they've never really got on (she's worked at our school for 20+ years now - and BM/BW only bought it 3 years ago). NFT has refused to attend social functions put on by BM and BW - always finding an 'excuse' not to. However, she also confides in Young Secretary, who then tells the rest of the world. The final straw was a few weeks ago at the French oral exams.

Here is BW's version of it: According to a student (A), the French exam jury (NFT was on it) gave him a very low mark because they didn't like his topic (YS was also on that board and said that he hadn't prepared his topic well, nor had he made it interesting). However, BW believed the student (he was one of her students) and had a talk with NFT about it. NFT said that she didn't want to work for BW anymore, since BW didn't trust her judgment as part of the board.

I'll really miss NFT. She was one of the first people I met when I started working here, and is a very nice person. Kind, caring and always willing to do anything for her students. A great teacher and woman.