Saturday, June 05, 2004

A talk with 'the man'

After work today, Bossman asked me if had a few minutes. I did, so I sat down and we had a quite interesting chat.
He said that he wanted to warn me about 'all hell breaking loose' with Incompetent Colleague going freelance (see my 'Out the door in '04?' post from 24 May for more info). He said that IC has no idea what that means and that it was a stupid thing for him have done. I agreed. He also mentioned that when IC demanded to go freelance, BM explained all the legal things needed to be done and gave IC two months to comply with them, or BM would have to stop doing business with him. BM also made me aware of the reason why he thinks all hell is going to break loose - since IC is now freelance, he's going to cut his hours back to 10 - 15 per week, as teachers on contracts have priority over freelancers - and he expects IC not to be very happy about that.
From there, BM went on to tell me about a new teacher he's hired and will be starting later this month (he's been looking for an additional teacher for about a month now).
So, I guess working today was worth it after all.

***** Update 7 June 2004 *****

IC came into work this morning, looked at the schedule and discovered he would only be teaching four classes this week. The look on his face? Priceless :)