Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Perhaps I should feel guilty,

but I don't.
As with every Wednesday morning, I took the blue car back, parked it behind the black one and put the key on the rack - making sure that Secretary from Hell saw me do that. I took a look at the schedule and saw that Tall Colleague needs a car at 15h today, and Part Time Colleague needs one at 16h, both as usual. However, I also know for a fact that Young Secretary needs one at 14h45 to take some students to a nearby school for an exam and that she has to wait for them. Two problems...

1. The only key on the rack was the one I put there, and neither TC or PTC had arrived at school when I left so lord knows where the other key is;
2. We only have two cars and TC, YS and PTC all need to to go in different directions (there's no chance of YS being back in time for PTC to get to where he has to go on time).
I could have said something to someone about it, but with all the crap the school has put me through, chose to keep my mouth shut and come home on my break between classes instead.

I can't wait to get back to work in a couple hours and hear what happened.

********** Update 2 June 14:40 **********

Bossman just called to see if I had the key to the black car.

********** Update 2 June 19:55 **********

It turns out that YS had to take her own car and TC took off with the blue car as soon as he realised that they couldn't find the key for the black one, leaving PTC with the black car and no key, so he had to cancel his class - which BM wasn't happy about. BM is pretty sure that Incompetent Colleague forgot to turn the key to it in yesterday, and (of course) he doesn't a phone - I'd hate to be him tomorrow.

Oh, and the spare key to the black car is in BM's top right drawer. He and I are the only ones that know that, and he has a terrible memory. Should I have mentioned that to the office earlier today?