Thursday, June 17, 2004

As expected

I got to work today and was eager to find out what happened to my classes while I was out sick. I checked the log book for one and saw that Incompetent Colleague had taught it and had written "book confusing" in the log book, meaning that he didn't understand it, even though the name of the book I used with that class was clearly written, as well as the page numbers we did during the last class. Not to mention the fact that I sent the following email to Bossman for whomever taught that class (IC confirmed that BM gave him the email before the class):

Room # 515. Whoever teaches it can just continue on in the [name of book] book - we finished up to page 39 (inclusive) last class. There will be a visitor from my Monday class, [name of student], who won't have a book (his class uses a different book), but I made photocopies for him yesterday. Please mark his attendance on the Monday class' records.

Sorry, but I find the above message to be crystal clear. I gave him the name of the book as well as the last page number we had finished. What more could I have written? Also, IC didn't mark the visiting student's attendance on the Monday class' attendance sheet, he put the student as a guest in the class.

New Guy taught my other classes and as far as I can tell, everything went well.