Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Would I lie to you?

I went into the office to print something for a class this morning and was about to sit at Young Secretary's desk (she was on a break), when Secretary from Hell stopped me. She said that I couldn't use it, and then turned away. I sat down, and then she came over and told me again not to use it. When I asked her why, she told me that she was copying a CD. 'Fair enough, as some CD writers lock up the computer while a CD is being copied,' I thought. I looked at the screen and saw that the CD writer panel was up, but she hadn't hit 'Copy,' and then looked at the processor and saw it wasn't doing anything (no lights were on). I told her about this, but she was 100% convinced that it was working (it really wasn't), and refused to accept any help from me (she barely knows how to turn a computer on). So I left.

I went back twenty minutes later, and she told me that it was still copying (status quo). I once again told her that it wasn't, and I'd be glad to help her copy it so that I could print a few things for my class after. She still refused to let me help. Back to the teachers' room I went.

After another fifteen minutes had passed, I went back to the office (I really needed to print), and saw YC there. I told her what had been going on, and she told me that when she came back from lunch, she saw that SfH hadn't pushed the 'Copy' button, pushed it and copied the CD for her. She also let me print my documents.