Friday, May 21, 2004

The ultimate cheapness

At the beginning of April, Bossman had Young Secretary organise a night out for teachers who wanted to go on 19 May. She reserved a table for us at a nice (but not too expensive) restaurant, put up a signup sheet, etc. After confirming that we wouldn't have to pay for anything, fifteen of us signed up.


On 19 May, the cheap bastard BM said to YS, 'You don't think the teachers are expecting me to pay for this, do you?' to which YS replied, 'You invited them, so of course they think you're paying for it. Do you really think any of them would have signed up if they had known that they had to pay?' BM looked shocked.


In the end, it turned out that BM paid for dinner and two drinks for everyone. Before leaving school for the restaurant, we (the teachers) agreed that as a form of a silent protest, we wouldn't order any drinks that we had to pay for - and didn't.


Dinner was lovely.