Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Schedule? What Schedule?

The early Tuesday morning in-company class I've had since October has cancelled for today due to the fact that many of the students are on holiday (it's a short week here because of Ascension Day), so last week I scheduled a single student in it's timeslot for today only. Before I got to work yesterday, the single student had called, spoken to Secretary from Hell and cancelled due to illness. No problem. People get ill.
However, SfH took it upon herself to reschedule him in the same time slot for next week, hence giving me two classes at the same time. One can only assume that she didn't even bother to look at the schedule, which was clearly marked (it's even colour-coded for the thinking impaired) with the regular class scheduled in that time slot for next week. If she did look at the schedule, then words fail me.
Unfortunately, SfH had left when I arrived at school yesterday (I had arranged to go in later than usual due to a few appointments in the morning), so Old Secretary took the brunt of my wrath. Normally I'm very polite and bite my lip to keep from saying what I really think, however things this idiotic really to get me. Here's the conversation:
MrT: Is SfH stupid?
OS: Why?
MrT: She's scheduled me to teach two classes at the same time next week.
OS: She has?
MrT: Yes.
*I explained the above to her*
OS: I'll talk to Young Secretary about it tomorrow.
*Keep in mind that OS is secretary responsible for scheduling classes - not that she's any better at it than SfH is*
MrT: Why don't you talk to SfH about it tomorrow?
OS: She'll be on holiday.
MrT: *sigh*