Monday, May 24, 2004

Out the door in '04?

Last Friday, Incompetent Colleage told me that the school now only had two English teachers on contracts (Fun Colleague and me), as he had just talked to Bossman and went freelance because he wanted to "have more control over his money." He really has no idea what freelance means, he just he just thinks he'll earn more because freelancers are paid a little more. However, he'll have to pay his own taxes, social contributions, health care, etc. I calculated all of that about a year ago when I was considering going freelance, and it came out to be almost the same as my pay now. IC hasn't calculated any of it.
It also means that BM can cancel the freelance agreement at anytime (which he has done in the past with freelancers), something completely impossible for an employee on a contract.
Thumbs up to BM for agreeing to it.