Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I am supposed to read minds?

A continuation of the events from yesterday (blogged about this morning).


I went to the office to pick up a few things when I arrived at work today, and Young Secretary asked me about the rescheduling that Old Secretary had told her she had to do. I explained the story to her. She then asked me when she should reschedule the student for, because the schedules would be changing next week. Logically thinking, I asked her for a copy of my new schedule so I could figure out when I could fit him in, and she told me that she didn't know because Bosswoman and/or Bossman, both of whom were out of town today, hadn't put them up yet (I know that the class I blogged about yesterday won't change, as it's an in-company class at a set time on a set day). I then asked her if she was asking me to figure out where to slot in a student on a schedule that neither of us knew anything about, and, unsurprisingly, her response was, 'Yes.'


I told her that predicting the future wasn't in my job description and walked away.