Thursday, November 13, 2003

Who Needs Computers?
This morning, Incompetent Colleague and I both had to print things off the internet for our 8h30 classes, so we went into the main office at 7h50 and used their computers, because the office is close to our classrooms and the printer is fast. The office has three desks with computers, one for each secretary. One secretary comes in at 7h30, one at 8h30 and one at 11h30. We each took a computer and went about our business. At 8h, Bossman and Bosswoman came in and Bossman saw us printing. He said, "Don't use the office computers during office hours." I showed him the papers I was printing and told him that they were for my 8h30 class, assuring him that I wasn't doing something I didn't need to do (like surfing the internet or emailing). He said, " What about the computer room?" to which I replied, "I thought we weren't supposed to use it until after the morning classes leave at 13h30," to which he replied, "You're not."

So apparently we're not supposed to use any of the computers at work in the morning, even if we find a great article to use in our classes before work (I frequently check the internet for them before I leave for work in the morning and don't have a printer at home). Also, how can we not use the computers during office hours? The office is closed after office hours and only the bosses and secretaries have keys!