Wednesday, November 05, 2003

How Rude
As far as last night goes, I was talking to Nice French Teacher in the teachers' room about a class called R that I am the 'class teacher' for (I'm responsible for their administrative things like attendance as well as other problems they may have - their 'home room teacher in USA-speak). We were discussing a problem they were having with Useless French Teacher, when Young Secretary came in, heard what we were talking about and then started talking to Nice French Teacher about it in French. I asked YS a question about what was going on (in English), and was told, 'It's none of your business.' I replied, 'I understand French. You're talking about class R, and UFT. I responsible for class R and if something happened between them and UFT, I need to know about it, not to mention the fact that you rudely interrupted my conversation with NFT and switched to a language that you thought I wouldn't understand." YS got the point and we all discussed it.