Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Last Monday, I told Useless Secretary that I needed six books, because I was putting two of my groups on a Cambridge program. She left a note for Young Secretary, who I thought had ordered them (she's the best of the three at getting things done). On Friday, YS told me that she couldn't because there's a �15 shipping charge that had to be approved by Bossman before she could. I talked to YS yesterday at 17h and she told me that she hadn't talked to Bossman yet, because he had just returned from holiday, but she'd do it the next day (today).

Having had enough, I talked to Bossman at 19h yesterday evening and he also looked confused as to why she wouldn't order them for our students and said, "Let's jump all over YS tomorrow to make sure they get ordered." I went in at 9h30 and told her what had been said the night before, and she ordered them. Unfortunately, they'll take four to six weeks to get here. I'll be making a lot of photocopies until they arrive.