Sunday, September 06, 2020

Business Investment Proposal


--   Good Day,     I am Dr. Gerald Van luven and I work as a financial consultant and adviser  to Global Asset Management company LLC and some High Net worth individuals  from the MENA region and European Union.     Basically, my principals are interested in investing in projects that are   viable and has capacity of generating a reasonable ROI for the investor.     I MUST consider you a privileged entity who shall be privy to many  sourcable CLEAN fund meant for foreign investment and you are able to  access up to One Billion Euro or more if your project is viable.     I will wish that you send a copy of your highlighted projects with  elucidated BUSINESS PLANS or EXECUTIVE SUMMARY which I shall propagate for  its immediate approval for a minimal ROI return on investment which you  shall have sole mandate after review and consideration.     You should also bear in mind that funding of this nature is not completed  on email communication alone, there will be the need for a face to face  meeting with the investor or His representatives and have the paperwork  perfected and signed.     Kindly reply as soon as possible if you have any viable project that you  will want us to be involved as indicated above.     Thanks     Dr. Gerald Van luven