Thursday, February 08, 2007


that a higher power does exist.

Pompous Ponce has lost his voice.

We're now not able hear him babble on incessantly about how great he is.

Monday, February 05, 2007

It was inevitable

In a teachers’ meeting last Tuesday, we gave assessments of our classes and students – looking for mismatches. A few were found, so one class was combined with another and a new class was created. The students involved in the changes were to be notified by Old Secretary.

That didn’t happen.

What ensued was complete chaos this evening. Students went to the wrong classrooms, other students were escorted (by the teachers of the classes they had been in) to the new class – not having a clue as to why they were being taken there – and other students that should have been in the new class didn’t show up most likely because they didn’t know they were supposed to.

It hadn't even been changed on our schedule! Secretary from Hell was on duty this evening and said to Pompous Ponce, 'I have a student that has turned up for a class that doesn't exist' three minutes before our evening classes started.

Nothing’s ever easy around here.