Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A new record has been set

Last Monday had to be a new record for the most stupidity that has happened in the shortest amount of time. Three incidents in about fifty seconds (luckily, only two of them happened to me).

One of my daytime classes graduated a while back and the only other class I have on Mondays is an evening class. So, I turned up 15 minutes before the class started to attend to the formality of filling in a proper lesson plan form (I had planned the lesson at home). I walked into the office and was instantly accosted by Young Secretary.

Young Secretary: 'Do you know you're teaching Student X tomorrow?'
MrT: 'No, how would I?'
YS: 'Well, you are.'
MrT: 'Right, so I have fifteen minutes to fill in my lesson plan form and plan an additional lesson?' [I leave immediately after that class every Monday evening]
YS: 'Yes.'
MrT: 'Who usually teaches Student X?'
YS: 'Clown.'
MrT: 'Why isn't he teaching him tomorrow?'

*YS spouts off an irrelevant reason.*

*I go into Bossman's office.*

MrT: 'Giving me basically no notice before having me teach Student X isn't fair.'
Bossman: 'We changed this on Friday.'
MrT: 'It wasn't that way when I left' [I had printed my schedule out]
BM: 'It changed after. You can teach him, can't you?'
MrT [realised I was fighting a losing battle]: 'Yes. I've taught him before and have no problem teaching him.'

*I storm off to the teachers' room*

MrT: 'Hi Fun Colleague, I bloody hate this place some days, and this is one of them.'
*I tell her what happened and notice that she's not her usual jovial mood*
FC: 'My class was cancelled and they didn't call me and inform me that I didn't have to come in today.'
*I'm even more amazed at the stupidity (this is mishap number 2)*
MrT: 'Make sure they pay you for it. It's their error.'
FC: 'I will.'

*Clown comes in*

MrT: 'Hi Clown, by any chance have you made a lesson plan for Student X tomorrow?' [I asked hopefully]
Clown: 'No, you're teaching him.'
MrT: 'When did you find that out?'
Clown: 'On Friday.'
MrT: 'I found out about three minutes ago and am not happy about it.'
*Clown tells me what he'd been doing with the student to help my lesson planning and I plan the lesson*

Had Clown been ill or had it been some kind of emergency, I wouldn't have complained. However, it wasn't. They easily could have had him teach the lesson today (he was available and would have had no problem doing it) and told me that I'd have Student X for a while starting on Thursday and this would not have been an issue. However, that kind of logic doesn't happen in my school due to the fact that it might actually make the teachers happy.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What apparently happened on Monday

Talkie and PP aren’t talking about it, but this is WhingeBag’s version of what happened (which she volunteered).

WB and Talkie were trying to set up a syllabus for an intensive course they’d be sharing and they disagreed on what should be done. It turned into a full on argument (I was teaching at the time on a different floor and missed the whole episode). So, Talkie went to PP and told him what she wanted on the syllabus, PP then talked to WB and sided with her (not surprising due to the fact that they both can’t stand Talkie). Talkie then said something to PP that really upset him and he shouted at her (which is what I heard when I was using the internet in the office) and he and Talkie then went into one of the classrooms for a quite heated discussion.

PP ended up coming into the office about thirty minutes later (I was still there attempting to reason with Secretary from Hell) and asked Bossman to come in and mediate their disagreement, which he did. PP then stormed out of the school, shortly followed by Talkie.

Who needs television when you have drama like this?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Drama unfolding

as we speak.

Pompous Ponce has just blown up at Talkie in the teachers' room and they're now in a classroom having a heated discussion.

I'll report back, but it could be a while (after all, Talkie is involved)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mass exodus

Smileroid is gone and WhingeBag is leaving. Pompous Ponce will be gone at the end of August and so will Daftie. Good riddance to the lot of them.

Anybody need a job?